Short Stories

Prove To Me That We’re Meant To Be (87 Bedford, 2019)

Catalyst (Dragons of a Different Tail anthology, 2021)


Mist and Spirit
Steampunk fantasy

When an immigrant engineer gets blamed for a deadly explosion, she’ll have to discover the truth behind her city’s mysterious sonic magic to clear her name.

Dragon Star
Space Opera

Leah is a con-artist who just stole billions from the galaxy’s richest firm. To escape her pursuers, she charms her way on board a massive space dragon owned by Enzo, the half-paralyzed prince of a nomadic people searching for their homeworld.

Enzo and Leah don’t get along, but that’s small potatoes: shortly after Leah arrives, disaster strikes Enzo’s people and their dragons. After he and Leah discover it was no accident, they’ll have to hunt down and assassinate the syndicate responsible.

But the syndicate knows they escaped the disaster. Leah’s crew starts turning up dead. Enzo and Leah realize they’re in a desperate race, where the only prize is survival.

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